A moving checklist

There’s no doubt about it, moving house is stressful. With all the things you have to do it’s easy for things to get forgotten. So here’s our checklist to help your big move just that bit easier.


Moving house checklist



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Why Buy New?

If you’re a homebuyer, first-timer or seasoned pro, you’ve probably asked yourself the question, “Do I buy an older house or a new build?” Some people love the charm and history that comes with a period build whereas others prefer the fresh feel of a new build. We’re here to help you make that important decision.

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Kellogg’s To Relocate

Kellogg’s UK and Ireland, the multinational food manufacturing company, is set to make a big move. After spending almost three decades on Talbot Road, employees from the head office will join the likes of ITV and the University of Salford in the Orange Tower at MediaCityUK.

Cereal bowl

Managing director of Kellogg’s UK and Ireland, Dave Lawlor, has said, “It’s time to move to somewhere which better reflects where we want to take our business in the future.”

The company has been based in Manchester since 1938 and they are ‘so incredibly pleased’ to be staying here. The Kellogg’s Trafford Park Factory will not be affected by the move.

MediaCityUK is home to multiple big names such as the BBC, ITV, dock10 and Bupa and more are sure to follow in Kellogg’s footsteps. With The Botanist opening up in the eleven-story Orange Tower in September, MediaCityUK is showing promising signs of becoming not only a creative digital hub but home to some of the largest household names.

Election Impact: The Northern Powerhouse

The Northern Powerhouse continues to grind forward.

Minister Andrew Percy believes that northern business is “firing on all cylinders.” The campaign, originally pioneered by George Osborne, has continued to secure pledges from very prominent companies across the country. Including names such as Santander, Ernst & Young, and Vodaphone, over 90 leading organisations have now pledged to be Northern Powerhouse Partners.

Although deliverables for such a large-scale effort have been as of yet unclear, the reality is that the campaign remains an integral part of government strategy. Plans to realize the vision include £3.4bn worth of Local Growth Deals to boost regional growth across Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool.

Most importantly, this campaign is geared to target local economies. A £400m investment titled the ‘Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund’ will be directed to the aid of small businesses.

Already gains have become apparent, with Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool topping the list for startup growth in the U.K this past year. With government policy uncertain amidst Brexit trade concerns, it is refreshing to see that the North is well placed for long-term growth. Let’s just hope that as Theresa May returns to 10 Downing Street she continues to honor that commitment to The Powerhouse.

In Wake Of Tragedy


But the Manchester way is to make it yourself.

Tony Walsh delivered an impassioned poem to thousands at Albert Square in midst of the tragic events that befell the city on the 22nd of May. Horrific stories of lives lost and children separated filled the media storyline, and our great city was placed at the forefront of the global eye for reasons none of us would have wanted.

Yet even amidst one of the city’s darkest hours, the strength of the human spirit shone through. Taxi drivers filled ranks to provide free lifts for those in need, hotels gave rooms away, hospitals rallied full of volunteers, and everywhere the community rose to stand in solidarity with the victims and their families. The very next day, life cracked on in the heart of a city shaken by tragedy.

“Despite the appalling events at the Mcr Arena last night, the city is open for business. Those people trying to sow fear will not succeed,” read the Tweet from the Mayor the day after the incident.

Defiance is perhaps the best word to define Manchester’s people. Even now it’s business as usual in the city streets. Some may call it a cold, careless response; but they do not understand the Mancunian way. Manchester’s reaction to the concert bombings shows a unified spirit that cannot be broken. Hiding indoors and stopping our usual routine is exactly what terrorism aims to affect. The wicked, extreme acts of a few are meant to strike fear in the many.

But not here, not on Deansgate or anywhere else. Go outside and you will find a city thriving, defiant to terrorism. The victims of May 22nd are honored in the spirit of Manchester’s people, in their courage to move forward and to stand together against an act meant to divide us all. This is our city. This is Manchester.


Interested in donating to the victims and their families? The Manchester Evening News has teamed up with the British Red Cross to launch a spectacular fundraising campaign:




Refurbishment Completed at Hardmans Mill

Crystal Hurstwood are delighted to announce their recently completed refurbishment at Hardmans Mill. The works include extensive decorative work throughout, adding a modern finish to the historically quaint building. New break out facilities with free wi-fi have been added on each floor, making the location even more appealing for business owners.

Located just outside of Rawtenstall town centre, this iconic building offers convenient positioning with access to both Manchester via the M66 and other Lancashire towns such as Preston and Haslingden. This semi-rural location on the bank of the river Irwell is commuter-friendly, offering parking on site and 24 hour CCTV to ensure a secure environment.

Sian Hindle, Graduate Surveyor explains: “The exposed brick ceilings and fantastic location have always attracted interest in the mill. The new refurbishment allows it to now look great inside and out.”

Recently refurbished to an excellent standard, Hardman’s Business Centre offers high quality suites with a wide range of uses. Ranging from 280-10,000 square feet, rent starts from under £550 per month which includes both service charge and insurance. Each suite is newly decorated with gas central heating, additionally there are two lifts and access to meeting facilities.

Ready to start your opportunity? Contact Sian now: sian.hindle@crystalhurstwood.com


Brexit: Article 50 & The Property Industry


On March 29th, Theresa May triggered Article 50, firing the starting gun on the two-year departure process from the EU. Trade talks push forward, and the topic of Brexit continues to be highly polarized across media outlets. Most reports predict a bleak outlook for the future of Britain’s economy, but what do the numbers actually say?

“The economy had already proved resilient since the Brexit vote, with growth of 0.6 pc in the quarter before and quarter after the referendum,” comments Paul Hollingsworth at Capital Economics. When asked about the outlook for future growth, Hollingsworth remains optimistic; “Upbeat consumer sentiment and continued low interest rates should ensure that household spending doesn’t slow too sharply.”

Britain’s trade balance has shown signs of improvement as well, and the fall in sterling is actually expected to aide in shrinking the trade deficit overall. Politicians may swing from one tale to the next about Brexit aftermath, but numbers do not lie. Although plodding along, GDP has grown by 1.8 pc over the year, signaling that things are beginning to stabilize.

What does this all mean for the housing market and property industry? According to Nationwide’s latest House Price Index, average prices have grown by 4.5% over the last 12 months, the same rate as in 2015. This has led to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors stating that the housing market has “settled down” since Brexit. For investors and owners alike, the forecast does not look like the end-of-the-world reporting that predicted falling sterling prices and a complete economic crash.

The machine of politics may change, but business does not. It’s a return to the norm across the industry in the U.K., and for now the Northern Powerhouse is “cracking on.”

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